Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Keterampilan Perawat Tentang Pengukuran Tekanan Cuff Pipa Endotrakeal Di unit perawatan intensif


Age, Education, Work Experience, Skills


Endotracheal tube cuff pressure checks are not in accordance with procedures may cause injury to the trachea such as ischemia and increase the incidence of respiratory tract infections due to micropiration.

 The purpose of this study was to identified factors that influence nurses' skills about cuff pressure care in the intensive care unit. This study used an observational analytic design with crossectional method, statistical analysis using chi squere test.

The results showed that there was a relationship between education and nursing skills p = 0.033 (<0.05). However, there was no relationship between age and experience working with nurses' skills regarding cuff pressure measurement in the intensive care unit.

Cuff pressure measurements must be in accordance with the protocol available in the intensive care unit so as to minimize complications in the trachea due to high pressure on the cuff or low cuff pressure.